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Human Centered Design for Volvo Group

in my role as .product designer .researcher .masters candidate .service designer

  • Context Sponsored by Volvo Group & MACK Trucks, part of recent graduate study at Carnegie Mellon.

  • Key Stakeholders | Feature development for industrial-electric vehicles, sponsored by Volvo Group & MACK trucks to improve the experiences of drivers and other stakeholders in the commercial electric vehicle industry.

  • Our Mission To learn and improve as product innovators and to motivate change in a legacy company to help underserved users.


  • User Research | Conducted 15+ extensive interviews & deployed surveys {n=187} to research & validate product requirements.

  • Human Centered Design | Participated with our team of 6 Carnegie Mellon students through a comprehensive integrated design & product definition process (detailed below).

  • Led the final delivery phase of our 6 month process.



  • Useful, usable, and desirable design for sponsors and users.

  • User focused innovation presented to the product & innovation teams at Volvo Group and MACK Trucks.


Process For Human Centered Design Project


Carp Solutions
Organic Plant Food

in my role as .creator .service designer .Everything Do-er

  • Our Mission Create a new economy based on sustainable fishing practices to replace the harmful chemical-agricultural techniques that dominate our food production in the western US.

  • Context Improving a public domain fish-protein-hydrolysate manufacturing process from an old USDA journal then building a business.


  • Design | Conceptualized product roadmap from market opportunity & product definition, through launch and growth, then balanced features informed by both user feedback and manufacturing requirements.

  • DFM | Created a new supply chain by applying commercial salmon fishing techniques in a new domain, and rapid prototyping. Then built a multi-channel distribution system by finding and developing channel partnerships.

  • User research | Customer interviews, co-design sessions, web analytics.

  • Package Design | Maintained ISDA compliance (don't get me started), lead a design team to create packaging for 3 retail SKUs.

  • CPM | Opened new sales channels, maintained channel partner relationships, developed referral program,

Carpe Carpum Sample Size


  • 3 retail SKUs with strong customer retention and a fantastic brand.

  • Improved the product over time through customer feedback.

  • Exited the business with a rich collection of failures and lessons learned.

Carpe Carpum Sample Size
Carpe Carpum Brand In-store display

Why look at this?

  • Look at the SIZE of this problem!

  • This was an honest attempt to improve water quality across the entire western continent.

  • If we could remove enough harmful fish, AND replace chemigation techniques with good old fashioned carbon-sequestering plant food in one step it would dramatically improve our wetland ecosystems.

The Giant Pineapple Shaved Ice

in my role as .owner .team .Leader .service designer

  • Our Mission Create a delightful, contactless service experience for customers.

  • Context Haven't we all thought about owning a food truck? The recent global pandemic was my team's opportunity to provide a contactless social experience and flip a food truck.


  • Design | Assessed a new market opportunity and designed a service to match.

  • Marketing | Created brand identity, developed assets, Go-to-market planning and deployment.

  • User research | Interviewed competitors customers to identify and prioritize product differentiators.

  • Leadership | Led a team to improve and operate a mobile food service business.

  • Management | Scaled the business with structured customer feedback. Kept the books and staffed the company.


  • Product market fit.

  • Sold business for profit (+24.1% ROIC) after 2 years profitable operation & summer wages for the team.

  • Delightful product for thousands of happy customers.

Why look at this?

  • Is running a small business better than an MBA? I don't honestly know, but I do know that we CRUSHED it!

  • This little side project created SIX freaking jobs during the height of the COVID pandemic.

  • We orchestrated a service to absolutely delight thousands of people in troubled times.

Envision Yoga Mats online store

in my role as .product designer .developer .supply chain manager

  • The Mission Learn to host an online store outside of CMS environments and build on HTML/CSS skills.

  • Context I noticed a collection of terrible products on Amazon, and want to build an alternative. After co-design with a manufacturer and a big import/shipping rodeo I have a garage full of excellent yoga mats and this web project is to help me sell them.


  • Market research | Deployed web scrapers on Amazon reviews to inform product definition and value opportunity analysis.

  • Design | Co-designed with the finest exercise mat manufacturers in Guangdong Province.

  • Connected manufacturing specifications (size, thickness, color, material selection) to features and benefits from user research.

  • Developed product and brand identity from competition research.

  • Illustrated the functional and decorative elements for the exercise mat to drive meaningful product differentiation in a saturated market

Envision Cart page screenshot


  • Novel product innovation for yoga mats.

  • An online shop for my product development experimentation.

  • Learned about Github & version control.

  • Still selling yoga mats

Envision mats landing page screenshot

Why look at this?

  • I can design and build functional e-commerce platforms.

  • I can work with manufacturers.

  • You should buy a yoga mat. They are honestly great and I have so many in my garage.

Nyxt - open source Lisp web browser

in my role as .product designer

Nyxt browser

The Product

  • Programmable, keyboard driven web browser.

  • Unusual & powerful modal interaction model.

  • Extensible in Lisp to the point of madness

My Mission

  • Help the engineering team develop a novel product to machine augment the web browsing experience for super users.

Customer Context

  • Programmers need three things to operate; a coding environment, a terminal, and a browser. This straightforward use case has millions of permutations, and our ongoing work is to bring open source programmability to the browser part.



  • Established pre-series-A milestones.

  • Conducted business model innovation process.

  • Designed and conducted mission critical Lean Startup experiments.

  • Established product metrics.

  • Defined market opportunity and conducted experiments for three business models.

People Research

  • Conducted 20+ user interviews and 2 surveys.

  • Completed JTBD task analysis.

  • Validated customer personas with user research.

  • Validated customer journey (pains, gains).

Interaction Design

  • Persistently nudged engineers to prioritize positive early user interactions (~380 UX related Github contributions in a 16 month period).

  • Published a tutorial for new customers.

  • Published instructional video series.

Interface/UI Work

  • Collaboratively structured, then delivered the visual design system & coherent brand identity.

  • Designed and delivered several beautiful theme extensions.

  • Delivered layout and written content for the homepage-conversion-machine.

  • Illustrated compelling graphics for published content.


Strategic Outcomes

  • Provided much needed business model clarity, and changed the fundamental output of the project from assorted code to validated learning.

  • Tested and confirmed value hypothesis & growth hypothesis.

  • A system for observing demand in our early-adopter niche.

  • Data validated monetization strategy to carry the company forward for years to come.

  • Identified a Blue/Purple Ocean of competing factors.

Research Outcomes

  • Delivered valuable context for narrowing the scope of engineering efforts.

  • Published content for community engagement, data driven insights for discovery phase.

  • Communicated customer requirements to engineers and beyond.

  • Prioritized product roadmap with data and a clear product strategy.

Interaction Design Outcomes

  • Dramatically improved early user experience to increase user activation.

  • Improved activated user experience & product visibility.

UI Outcomes

  • Simplified and unified thousands of decisions in ongoing interface development.

  • Launched paid extensions that you can buy today.

  • Attractive homepage with increased conversion rate.

  • Delightful illustrations that communicate the purpose of the product.

Nyxt youtube

Why look at this?

  • Impactful user research in complex domain.

  • Magnificently broad interaction point.

  • These designs increase user activation.

  • Product market fitting in action!

Workplace Design at CMU

in my role as .graduate student


  • My previous career was selling and installing photovoltaic solar systems.

  • That industry is a hot mess and I wanted to generate some insights to improve a few small parts of it.

The Project

  • Elaborating human dimensions in the process of selling solar PV systems.

  • Learn a great design process and elaborate a better way for people to navigate buying solar panels.

Why look at this?

  • Condensing research into helpful visual artifacts to build empathy across roles

  • Watch me pull big insights from small parts of workflows